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Early College High School Option

Concurrent Enrollment: Early College High School Option

Early College High School

  • Learn about the benefits, challenges and costs of attending an Early College high school.

  • Listen to what students and parents think about this option, where available.

College courses offered as part of a structured curriculum

College courses at Early College high schools are part of the high school's course schedule.


While the structured curriculum may be set, there is some flexibility. For example, some Early College high schools allow students to test into college courses whenever students are ready. In addition, a student's career pathway is a student-led conversation.


If the college course you're in is taught by one of your high school teachers and is in a classroom in your Early College high school, it most likely fits into your class schedule easily, which means you don't have to own a car and drive to a college campus to earn college credit. So convenient!

Save money and time on college

Not only do you graduate with your high school diploma, but you will also earn an associate's degree, other postsecondary credential, or at least 60 college credits by the time you finish at an Early College high school. Learn more about the costs of college here: How Much Does College Cost?

Multiple enrollment options

Some Early College high schools offer a combination of educational settings including in-person, online, part-time, home school and enrichment programs such as STEM.

Not widely available

There may not be a physical Early College high school campus in your area, if that is your preference. View a list of Early College high schools.

Courses are already set

Some Early College high schools already have a pre-set course curriculum. Contact the school counselor/advisor at the Early College high school you are interested in to find out more.

You may have to pay for tuition, books, supplies or fees

Some Early College high schools cover these costs and some do not. Check with your school to find out who is responsible.

You may have to pay the cost to get to your class if it is taught on a college campus

Your school is not required to cover your transportation costs if you take a college class at a college campus. Paying for gas in your car or paying for a bus pass is your responsibility.

You may be required to pay tuition costs if you do not complete or fail your college class

If you drop or withdraw from your college class after a certain deadline or if you earn a failing grade in the course, you may have to reimburse the tuition costs to your Early College high school. Ask your school counselor/advisor about these types of situations.

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Contact an Early College about the specifics of attending their high school, where available.