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Statutory Waiver Requests Guidance

Fact Sheets

  • Innovation Act Waiver Requests (PDF)
    The Innovation Schools Act allows schools to obtain waivers from requirements stemming from three sources: state statutes and regulations, district policies and negotiated collective bargaining agreement provisions. This fact sheet provides guidance on restrictions in these categories that may be waived, application process and deadlines. 
  • Waiver Requests (PDF)
    Colorado law allows districts to request waivers from certain areas of state statute and rule. These waivers can apply to the full district or individual schools within the district. These waivers are granted by the Colorado State Board of Education to enhance educational opportunity and quality.  This fact sheet provides waiver application content requirements and processes. 
  • Charter School Waiver Requests (PDF)
    The Charter School Act allows charter schools to receive waivers from specified areas of state statute and rule. This flexibility is intended to provide charters with the autonomy to fully implement the educational plan outlined in the school's contract with the authorizing school district or Colorado Charter School Institute.