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News Release - State Board of Education directs Aurora Public Schools to continue plan for Aurora Central High School

Nov. 14, 2019

State Board of Education directs Aurora Public Schools to continue plan for Aurora Central High School

Ratings approved for the majority of schools and districts

The State Board of Education directed Aurora Public Schools to continue to implement its innovation plan for improving student outcomes at Aurora Central High School.  Although the school has received low ratings in the accountability system for nine consecutive years, it has made recent gains in graduation rates and attendance rates while seeing a reduction in disciplinary incidents. Academic growth on state tests has improved but rates are still below the state average. 

The board expressed concern with the low achievement scores for students at Aurora Central. If the school continues to receive a rating of either Turnaround or Priority Improvement on the state’s School Performance Framework in fall 2020, the district must return to the state board for another accountability hearing, during which the state board may consider changes to the current turnaround plan. 

The board also strongly encouraged the district to add a partner to intensify the focus on academics to improve student achievement levels.

The board’s order aligns with the recommendations of the independent State Review Panel report. The current innovation plan was directed by the board in May 2017.

Performance ratings approved for schools and districts that did not request reconsideration

The board approved final performance ratings for 1,664 schools. The department released the final ratings for 167 districts for 2019. Ratings are assigned to schools and districts each year based on student achievement on state tests, student growth or progress on state tests from year to year, and postsecondary readiness of high school students, including graduation rates and college matriculation rates. 

The board will approve final ratings for the remaining schools in December, including ratings for 133 schools that asked the department to reconsider the preliminary ratings they received in August. The commissioner will report on the final ratings for the remaining 18 districts that requested a reconsideration. Final framework reports for all schools and districts will be posted in December following the board’s approval of ratings for those schools and districts that requested reconsideration of their ratings.

2020 School and District Performance Targets

The board approved targets for achievement, growth and postsecondary workforce readiness that will be used to determine school and district ratings next year.  State law requires the board to reaffirm or revise performance targets every year. This year, the board kept the expectations the same for existing measures and added expectations for the new on-track growth measure.  

The new on-track growth measure and raised cut scores for elementary and middle schools were approved by the board last month. They will be provided for informational purposes in 2020 and will be used for points on the frameworks in 2021.

Community Leadership Academy’s appeal dismissed

The board dismissed Community Leadership Academy’s appeal related to a breach of contract notice they received from the Charter School Institute. In dismissing the case, the state board determined it does not have jurisdiction because the parties had not yet mediated the dispute according to  requirements outlined in the Charter School Act. 

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