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News Release - State Board says APS must allow HOPE Online to continue operating Power Learning Academy

Sept. 12, 2019

State Board of Education says APS must allow HOPE Online to continue operating Power Learning Academy

Preliminary 2019 Performance Frameworks reviewed

DENVER –  The State Board of Education at its monthly two-day meeting ordered Aurora Public Schools to allow HOPE Online Learning Academy to continue operating the Power Learning Academy, which has served middle and high school students in the district for four years. 

The state board found that APS’s August 2019 decision to deny the learning center was not in the best interest of the community, and it ordered the district to enter into a memorandum of understanding that will allow the learning center to reopen.

Preliminary Frameworks
The board was presented with preliminary ratings for Colorado schools and districts - the first step in the state's annual accountability process. Later this year the results will be made final after districts have had a chance to appeal ratings under the request-to-reconsider process. 

Preliminary findings showed 93% of the state’s 185 districts and BOCES received one of the three highest ratings of Accredited with Distinction, Accredited, or Accredited with Improvement Plan. Approximately 84% of the state’s 1,849 schools received one of the two highest ratings of Performance or Improvement Plans on the School Performance Framework. This does not include schools with Alternative Education Campus designations, which will receive their final ratings in December. The preliminary ratings can be found on the Performance Frameworks Results webpage.

Districts are allowed to submit to CDE additional information that could change their final ratings through the request-to-reconsider process. Final ratings for districts and schools that do not participate in the request-to-reconsider process will be adopted by the State Board of Education in November. The ratings for the remaining schools and districts will be adopted by the State Board of Education in December.

Adams 14 Update
Adams 14 School District's external management organization, MGT, presented a three-month progress report to the board.

MGT was approved by the state board in May to manage the district in order to improve student outcomes after eight years of low performance ratings by the district and the district's high school, Adams City High School. This year, with a preliminary rating of Priority Improvement, Adams 14 and Adams City High School advance to Year Nine on the state’s accountability clock. 

In its report, MGT shared findings, achievements and ongoing goals and next steps for working toward positive change with the district's local board of education, central office and operations. MGT also shared specific information around improvement efforts in Adams City High School as well as Central Elementary School. 

In other actions, the board:

Notices of Rulemaking: