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News Release - State Board approves notice of rulemaking for teacher retention grant

Sept. 12, 2018

State Board approves notice of rulemaking for teacher retention grant

Board discusses preliminary school and district performance ratings and prepares to set targets for 2019 ratings

DENVER - At its September meeting, the State Board of Education approved the notice of rulemaking for the Rules for the Administration of the Retaining Teachers Grant Program. This new grant program resulted from 2018 legislation to help local education providers retain educators through initiatives such as childcare services, peer mentorship programs and incentives for highly effective teachers. The board will vote on the rules for this grant program in November.

Preliminary frameworks

The board discussed the 2018 preliminary school and district performance ratings released publicly in August. The ratings can be found on the Performance Frameworks Results webpage.

These ratings are not final until after the request-to-reconsider process concludes later this year. Districts with additional information that could change their final ratings are allowed to submit a request to reconsider to CDE.  Following the process, final ratings for districts will be assigned by Commissioner Katy Anthes in November. Final ratings for schools will be assigned by the State Board of Education in December.

Based on the preliminary frameworks, 92 percent of schools received one of the state’s two highest ratings of Performance or Improvement Plans. Similarly, 92 percent of districts were accredited with the highest rating categories on the preliminary ratings. Several districts and schools improved their performance enough to come off the "accountability clock" after receiving one or more years of low ratings.

In November, the board will set targets for the 2019 school and district performance ratings. In preparation, the board discussed areas where new targets will need to be set, reaffirmed or revised for the upcoming school year. This includes specific achievement, growth and post-secondary workforce readiness measures. Additionally, the board discussed the rulemaking process that will officially begin in January for the accountability rules aligned with House Bill 18-1355.

Multi-District Online Schools

The board reviewed current performance, financial information and the state certification process for multi-district online schools. Multi-district online schools offer full-time online education programs and are authorized by a Colorado school district, BOCES or the Charter School Institute, all of which are accredited by the state. These schools may accept students from across Colorado, regardless of their district of residence.

Dyslexia learning session

Following a request by the board, CDE staff presented information about various services for students with dyslexia authorized by the state READ Act and the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Nationally, about 10 percent to 20 percent of students are affected by dyslexia but early identification and support can help to minimize the impact.

Students identified with dyslexia can be considered for special education services. In addition, the READ Act provides intervention for students with reading challenges, including dyslexia, beginning in kindergarten.

More information and resources on dyslexia are available on the CDE website.

Presidential Awards of Excellence

Two teachers were honored as the state's awardees of the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.  

Stephanie Kawamura from Pine Lane Elementary School in Douglas County received the award for science and Sarah Ogier from Field Elementary School in Littleton received the award for mathematics. The awards recognize teachers who develop and implement high-quality instructional programs that are informed by content knowledge and that enhance student learning.

Every year 108 awards are given out to math and science teachers from around the country. It is the highest honor the U.S government bestows on a K-12 math or science teacher for outstanding work.

In other actions, the board:

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