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News Release - Angelika Schroeder elected chairwoman of State Board of Education

Jan. 11, 2017

Angelika Schroeder elected chairwoman of State Board of Education

Board Member Joyce Rankin elected vice chairwoman

DENVER – During its first meeting of 2017, the Colorado State Board of Education elected Board Member Angelika Schroeder as chairwoman. Schroeder is a democrat from Boulder representing the 2nd Congressional District and has served on the state board since 2009. 
In addition, Board Member Joyce Rankin was elected vice chairwoman. Rankin, a republican from Carbondale, joined the board in August 2015 when she was appointed by the 3rd Congressional District Republican Central Committee to fill a mid-term vacancy. 

Rankin and Board Members Steve Durham and Rebecca McClellan were sworn into office today after winning their elections last fall. Durham was elected to represent Colorado’s 5th Congressional District following his appointment to the board in January 2015, and new Board Member Rebecca McClellan was elected to represent the 6th Congressional District. State Board of Education members serve six-year terms.

Review and Revision of the Colorado Academic Standards
Department staff presented the board with results of a recent public opinion survey designed to gather general perceptions about the Colorado Academic Standards from teachers, education leaders, higher education professionals, parents, students and other stakeholders in advance of the review and revision required by state law. With 2,833 participants in the survey, the results show that teachers and education policy advocates have favorable opinions of the standards.  At the same time, 32 percent of parents and 45 percent of the general public have favorable opinions. View Colorado Academic Standards survey results (PDF).

The department is also gathering feedback on each expectation in the standards through an online review tool that will be open through Feb. 17, 2017. Access the online feedback tool is available.  

In addition, board members requested staff to augment current research by conducting focus groups of randomly selected educators, parents and other stakeholders and soliciting feedback from national experts in education standards. For more information about the required standards review process, visit Colorado Academic Standards Review and Revision webpage.

Rulemaking processes
Additionally, the board took the following actions on rules: