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Coherence Gap Spreadsheet

Coherence Gap Spreadsheet

The Coherence Map from Student Achievement Partners is one of the most powerful tools a math teacher can use to better understand their academic standards and how they form coherent progressions of learning over time. But one thing the coherence map doesn't do is give the user any indication of how many lessons or how many hours it takes for students to learn the content described by each standard.

In a perfect world, teachers and students would have all the time necessary to reach all the goals described by the standards. In reality, this rarely happens—students have absences, explanations get rushed, homework goes unfinished, and severe weather and pandemics can close school buildings entirely. This is when having instructional time estimates for each standard can be useful, both for future curriculum planning or understanding the potential consequences of instruction already lost.

The Coherence Gap Spreadsheet was developed in 2020 to help teachers and schools make more informed curricular decisions. This tool doesn't make decisions for an educator, but rather relies on the educator's understanding of the standards and horzion content knowledge to use feedback from the spreadsheet to make better decisions. Before using the spreadsheet, users should watch this tutorial video as well as read the "README" sheet, which is the first sheet in the Excel workbook. If you have questions about using the spreadsheet or interpreting your results, please contact Raymond Johnson.

For further assistance, please contact:

Raymond Johnson, Ph.D.
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