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Archived READ Act Resource Bank of Approved Assessments

Archived Advisory Lists

The advisory lists linked below are out of date and will remain on the website for reference only. Some assessments that were previously approved are not on the updated READ Act Approved Assessments List.

2022 READ Act Assessment Review

The READ Act requires the department to create an advisory list of assessments for local education agencies to choose from to administer to students in grades K-3 to meet the requirements of the READ Act. The review is a two part process for vendors to submit interim, diagnostic and summative assessments to be reviewed for inclusion on the READ Act Advisory List of Assessments. For more information please visit 2022 READ Act Advisory List of Assessments Review Process.

Interim Assessments 

The READ Act requires use of an interim assessment to determine whether a student has a significant reading deficiency in grades K through 3. A request for Information (RFI) was initiated by the department to solicit reading interim assessment tools for inclusion on the Colorado State Board of Education Approved List of Interim Assessments, pursuant to C.R.S. 22-7-1209.

In the fall of 2013, the department conducted a review process and submitted interim reading assessments to the State Board for approval to use with the READ Act for 2014 and in subsequent school years. 

List of Approved Interim READ Assessments (archived) 

Diagnostic and Summative Assessments

On March 12, 2013, the State Board voted to approve lists of approved diagnostic and summative assessments per requirements of the Colorado READ Act. Diagnostic assessments are required only for students identified with a significant reading deficiency for the purpose of identifying the child's specific reading deficits(s). Summative assessments are not required.

List of Approved Diagnostic and Summative Assessments (archived)

READ and House Bill 15-1323 - Enacted in 2015

In May of 2015 House Bill 15-1323, concerning assessment in Public Schools, was signed and enacted. The following changes were a result of the house bill:

  • READ Act assessment timeline
  • READ Act assessments and School Readiness, 
  • READ Act diagnostic timeline 
  • An allowance for Districts to choose to administer a READ Act interim assessments for students demonstrating reading competency once at the beginning of a school year and not again until the following school year if students reach the defined competency scores 

Full details, a recorded webinar and a link to the house bill can be found here