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Communication Rating Scales Webinar Videos

Before watching the training webinars on the updated Communication Rating Scales, please make sure you have a copy of the Communication Rating Scale which coincides with the webinar you are watching. The receptive part of the Language Rating Scale is used in the Overview of the Communication Rating Scale: What's new and How to Score webinar.  Training webinars will be added for each section as they become available. Use the link below the training webinars to ask questions about the Communication Rating Scales.


For more information about services for students who have speech or language impairments in Colorado, please contact:

Shani O'Brien, Speech-Language Specialist
Email Shani O'Brien

Overview of the Communication Rating Scale: What's New and How to Score

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Articulation / Phonology Rating Scale

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Language Scale

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Pragmatic Rating Scale

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Fluency Rating Scale

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