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2021-2022 Pupil Membership

2021-2022 Pupil Membership

The 2021-2022 Pupil Membership data is based upon the Student October Count. The October 2021 Colorado preschool through 12th grade public school membership is 886,517. This is a increase of 3,318 students (0.4 percent) from the October 2021 count of 883,199 students.

View Press Release for the October 2021 Pupil Enrollment Count

State Level Data

District Level Data

School Level Data


  • Student counts are suppressed for Instructional Programs and Free/Reduced Lunch to protect student privacy.
  • English Learner counts include students who are NEP, LEP, and FEP Monitor Year 1 and Monitor Year 2.
  • If the data you are looking for is not available here or on another page, you may submit a data request using the CDE Data Request Form available here. 
  • Pupil membership data at the district level is a headcount of the number of students educated by a district. The count for each district does not reflect students a district is contracting with another district or entity to educate.
  • Pupil Membership data does not reflect the amount of funding received by districts or schools. Data on the funding received by districts can be found on the CDE School Finance Division website.


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