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2016-2017 Pupil Membership

State Level Data

By Grade

By Race/Ethnicity

By Year

District Level Data

Please Note: Pupil membership data at the district level is a headcount of the number of students educated by a district. The count for each district does not reflect students a district is contracting with another district or entity to educate and does not reflect the level of funding a district receives from the State of Colorado. Information on district funding can be found on the CDE Division of School Finance website.

Non-Resident Students

Not in Parent's District of Residence

Instructional Program

Note: English Learner (EL) data in the Instructional Program report includes NEP, LEP, FEP Monitor Year 1 and FEP Monitor Year 2

K-12 Free and Reduced

PK-12 Free and Reduced

Pupil Membership Trend Data (District Level)

Home Based Education Trend Data

School Level Data

School Level data is reported for the 2016-2017 school year based upon the Fall Pupil Membership (Student October) data. 

By School and Grade Level

K-12 Free and Reduced

PK-12 Free and Reduced Lunch

By School, Ethnicity, Gender and Grade

Instructional Program