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Educator Authorization Requirements

Colorado issues 14 authorizations.

General requirements for each are listed below; select the credential type for the application checklist for detailed requirements:

Adjunct  (3 years)

  • district-specific; and
  • bachelor's or higher degree* or five or more year's full-time experience in the content area
  • not for Special Education or Special Services areas

Renew Adjunct

Adult Basic Education (5 years)

  • associate’s or higher degree;* and
  • completion of adult basic education coursework

Renew Adult Basic Education

Career & Technical Education (CTE) (3 or 5 years)

  •  38 content areas (each has specific content requirements); and
  •  2,000 hours occupational experience in the content area
  • initial (3-year) CTE may not be renewed; must be advanced to a 5-year professional authorization

Advance Initial CTE to a Professional CTE

Renew a Professional CTE

Add a CTE content area to an existing Colorado credential

Educational Interpreter (5 years)

  • associate’s or higher degree in educational interpreting;*
  • certificate of completion on the EIPA written exam;and
  • successful performance on the appropriate performance exam (EIPA, Cued Language Transliterator or Oral Transliterator) - individuals who are awaiting exam results or who need to retake the exam may qualify temporarily; see application checklist for more information

Renew Educational Interpreter

Emergency (up to 1 year)

  • not for Special Education or Special Services areas (see TEE);
  • district-specific;
  • bachelor’s or higher degree;* and
  • enrollment in an approved program (SLPA included), necessary coursework or required exam in the content area requested
  • may be renewed only once

Renew Emergency

Exchange Educator Interim (1 year)

  • district-specific;
  • participation in a district-recognized exchange educator program; and
  • holds/is eligible to hold a license as a teacher, special service provider, principal or administrator in another country
  • may be renewed only once

Renew Exchange Educator Interim

JROTC Instructor (5 years)

• JROTC certification

Renew JROTC Instructor

Native American Language & Culture Instructor (5 years)

  • district-specific;
  • qualify for an adjunct authorization; and
  • demonstrate expertise in a Native American language of a federally recognized tribe
  • to renew, simply complete the application again

Principal (3 years)

Advance Principal Authorization to Initial Principal License

Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant (5 years)

  • bachelor’s or higher degree in communication disorders or SLP* OR a bachelor’s degree* in any area and 24 semester hours in SLP coursework; and
  • completion of a SLP assistant program, including a 100-contact hour school-based practicum

Renew SLPA

Special Services Intern (1 year)

  • district-specific; and
  • active enrollment in a special services provider program which requires completion of an internship
  • may not be renewed

Substitute                      Colorado Students Need You!

  • 5-Year: a valid or expired Colorado or other-state-issued teacher license
  • 3-Year: bachelor’s or higher degree*
  • 1-Year: attestation to successful work with children and high school diploma (minimum)
  • to renew, simply complete the application again (go the the expired credentials tab in your COOL account, select the "information" link and then the "re-apply" butu)

Temporary Educator Eligibility (TEE) (1 year)

  • for Special Education and Special Services areas only;
  • district-specific;
  • bachelor’s or higher degree* (in any area); and
  • enrollment in a traditional preparation program for ECSE, special education generalists, gifted education, director of special education or of gifted education OR a special services area
  • may be renewed up to twice with ongoing progress toward meeting full licensure requirements

Renew TEE

Interim Authorizations (1 year)

  • not for Special Services areas;
  • district-specific;
  • issued in two different circumstances:
  1. individuals from outside Colorado who hold/qualify to hold a teacher, principal or administrator license in another state, but who first need to satisfy Colorado’s endorsement requirements (determined upon evaluation of a complete application)
  2. individuals participating in a Colorado alternative teacher preparation program who do not demonstrate content knowledge at the time of enrollment and application

*degrees must be earned at a regionally accredited college or university.

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