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Part 2 - State Publications Depository and Distribution Center

24-90-201. Establishment of a state publications depository and distribution center. In consideration of the fundamental importance attached in our constitutional republic to a well-educated citizenry participating in our democratic processes that understands the activities of its state government, and to allow the people of the state to draw benefits from information developed at public expense, and to enjoy access to the information services of state agencies, there is hereby established a state publications depository and distribution center. Such center shall be a section of the state library. The center shall ensure that all state publications are available to residents of Colorado through a system of depository libraries. Operation of the center is declared to be an essential administrative function of the state government.

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24-90-202. Definitions. As used in this part 2, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) "Center" means that section of the state library responsible for the state publications depository and distribution functions.

(2) "Depository library" means a library designated to collect, maintain, and make available to the general public state agency publications.

(3) "State agency" means every state office, whether legislative, executive, or judicial, and all of its respective officers, departments, divisions, bureaus, boards, commissions, and committees, all state-supported colleges and universities which are defined as state institutions of higher education, and other agencies which expend state-appropriated funds.

(4) "State publication" means any information for public distribution, regardless of format, method of reproduction, source, or copyright that is produced, purchased for distribution, or authorized, with the imprint of, or at the total or partial expense of the agency, with the exception of correspondence, interoffice memoranda, or those items detailed by section 24-72-204. "State publication" includes, without limitation, information available electronically by means of computer diskettes, compact discs, computer tapes, other electronic storage media, or a public telecommunications network.

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24-90-203. Purposes - direction - rules. (1) The purposes of the center are to identify, collect, catalog, distribute, preserve, and make state publications, regardless of format, available to the public. Public access to such publications may be accomplished by use of depository library facilities throughout the state, and, for electronic documents, by means of a public telecommunications network.

(2) The center shall be under the direction of the state librarian.

(3) The state board of education shall adopt such rules as are necessary or appropriate to accomplish the provisions of this part 2. No rule shall deny public access to the state publications enumerated in this part 2.

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24-90-204. Deposits of state publications. (1) Every state agency shall, upon publication, deposit at least four copies of each of its state publications with the center. The center may require additional copies of certain state publications to be deposited when designated by the state librarian as being required to fulfill the purposes of this part 2. Publications shall be provided within ten working days of such publication in the following manner:

(a) In the case of any publications produced in print, four copies of said publication shall be deposited with the center.

(b) In the case of any publication produced in electronic form, including those made available through a public telecommunications network, an electronic copy or notification of the publication of such electronic copy shall be deposited with the center in a form specified by the center.

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24-90-205. Permanent public access to state publications. The center shall coordinate with state agencies, depository libraries, or other entities permanent public access to state publications, regardless of format.

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24-90-206. Depository library agreements - requirements. (1) The center may enter into depository agreements with any state agency or public library or with out-of-state research libraries and other state libraries. The number of depository libraries shall not exceed thirty. The requirements for eligibility to become and continue as a depository shall be established by the state library. The standards shall include and take into consideration population, the type of library or agency, ability to preserve such publications and to make them available for public use, and such geographic locations as will make the publications conveniently accessible to residents in all areas of the state.

(2) In addition to any other material distributed to state publications depository libraries, the state librarian shall distribute any materials to be incorporated by reference in state rules that are provided to the state publications depository and distribution center pursuant to section 24-4-103 (12.5) (c) (II) (B). The state librarian and any state publications depository library shall make materials distributed pursuant to this subsection (2) available to the public as soon as possible.

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24-90-207. On-line catalog of state publications. The center shall maintain an on-line catalog providing free public access to records of state publications, regardless of format, by author, title, subject, and key word through a public telecommunications network.

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24-90-208. State publications distribution. The center shall distribute state publications, in paper, electronic, or other format where appropriate, to depository libraries. The state librarian may make additional distributions in accordance with agreements with appropriate state agencies.

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This portion of Colorado Revised Statutes, reprinted with the permission of the committee on Legal Services in accordance with section 2-5-118, C.R.S. is an unofficial publication of Colorado Revised Statutes.

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