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Colorado Charter Schools


In the state of Colorado charter schools are public schools that operate via a contract with an authorizer such as the local school district or, in some cases, the Colorado Charter School Institute. Our office administers the Colorado Charter School Startup and Implementation grant, which provides technical assistance to charter schools and authorizers, processes waiver requests for the State Board of Education, collects data on charter schools, produces special topic studies and the state evaluation of charter schools, and responds to questions from the general public. See more information on the CCSP Grant.

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Opportunity for New, Expanding, or Replicating Charter Schools

In an effort to assist the development of high-quality charter schools in Colorado, the office of Schools of Choice (SOC) at CDE has contracted with the Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC)  to provide coaching to new, replicating and expanding charter school.  Coaches are coupled with developers to then ameliorate challenges and present best practices in charter school operations.  During each coaching session, developer’s unique challenges are individually addressed to support and seek solutions in a one-on-one setting.  If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Caty Husbands,, by December 15th

COVID relief funds to make long-term investments in curriculum and instruction

With an influx of COVID relief funds, schools are seeking ways to overcome problems brought on by the pandemic. CDE’s Office of Standards and Instructional Support recommends that schools consider making significant investments in teaching and learning, especially where spending supports long-term improvements in the classroom.
For more information, visit the COVID relief funds standards webpage

Protecting the Rights of Special Education Students in Charter School Enrollment

On 10/28/21, the SOC hosted a presentation entitled “Protecting the Rights of Special Education Students in Charter School Enrollment”.  We learned about the concerns raised that led to the investigation by the Office of Civil Rights, what actions are being taken to address the concerns brought forward, and what schools and authorizers can do to ensure that the rights of students with disabilities are protected in the charter school enrollment process. The recording of the presentation as well as supporting documents are available here.

Apply for Menstrual Hygiene Products Accessibility Grant 

Local Education Providers can apply for the new Menstrual Hygiene Products Accessibility Grant Program, which was created to provide menstrual hygiene products at no expense to students and make products accessible regardless of the student’s gender identity. Eligible applicants may apply to receive funds to acquire and distribute menstrual hygiene products (tampons, menstrual pads, and pantiliners) at no expense to students, or install and maintain a dispensing machine or disposal receptacle for menstrual hygiene products. Approximately $100,000 is available to award for the 2021-22 school year. See the Request for Applications on CDE’s website for more information and eligibility requirements.