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III. Portfolio Review Process

The ABEA Portfolio Process is a service provided by Adult Education Initiatives (AEI) to instructors pursuing the ABEA. The goal of the process is to increase the number of opportunities for instructors to demonstrate prior knowledge and experience as an alternative to taking the four courses associated with the ABEA.

The outcome of a successful ABEA portfolio submission is a Certificate of Equivalency for the course(s) included in the portfolio which can then be used to show that the applicant has demonstrated the competencies associated with the ABEA course(s) when applying to the Educator Talent Licensure Office for the ABEA.

Portfolio Options

At this time, those utilizing the ABEA Portfolio Process have two additional options for receiving credit for ABEA courses when compared to the traditional ABEA route:

Equivalent Coursework

This option allows those that can demonstrate that they have taken a course or course(s) in the past with content that was equivalent to the content of one or more ABEA courses to get a certificate of equivalency for use when applying for the ABEA.

Demonstration of Experience

This option allows those that can demonstrate, through classroom observation, that they have mastered the competencies associated with one or more ABEA courses to get a certificate of equivalency for the course(s) for use when applying for the ABEA.

Please note: At this time, the Demonstration of Experience option does not cover EDU-131 (or EDAE-520), due to the foundational nature of the content covered in the course.

Both of these options, in addition to taking the courses themselves, can be mixed and matched in order to get credit for all of the courses. However, individuals submitting portfolios must choose which option they would like to pursue on a course by course basis. It is not currently possible to use the portfolio portfolio process for a course by demonstrating some competencies through Equivalent Coursework, and others via Demonstration of Experience etc.

All decisions regarding the success of a portfolio are based on the applicant providing sufficient documentation to show that they have demonstrated the competencies for the course(s) that they are submitting a portfolio for. More information on the ABEA courses and their competencies can be found in section II. Courses.