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B. Equivalent Coursework

This option allows those that can demonstrate that they have taken a course or course(s) in the past whose content was equivalent to the content of one or more ABEA courses to get a certificate of equivalency for the course(s) for use when applying for the ABEA.

In addition to the documents required for all portfolios, portfolios involving Equivalent Coursework must also include:

  • Equivalent Coursework Form(s) (EDU-131 (PDF)EDU-132 (PDF)EDU-133 (PDF) & EDU-134 (PDF))
    • One for each ABEA course the applicant is submitting for evaluation.
  • Course Completion Documentation showing successful completion of all courses included on the Equivalent Coursework Form(s).
    • Courses graded on a traditional scale must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.
  • All course work that would be considered for the ABEA must be completed within seven years of applying for the Coursework Equivalence portfolio review.

Equivalent Coursework Forms

The Equivalent Coursework Forms give applicants the opportunity to demonstrate how the course(s) that they have taken covered competencies equivalent to those in the ABEA course(s) they are submitting a portfolio for.

All course competencies in the ABEA course(s) the applicant is submitting a portfolio for must be documented as present in another course for the applicant to be issued a certificate of equivalency. However, multiple courses can be referenced to meet the competencies in a single ABEA course.

Course Completion Documentation

Because the courses tied to the ABEA are college-level courses, it is expected that the applicant provide documentation showing successful completion of all courses included on the Equivalent Coursework Form(s). For courses offered by colleges and universities, this entails providing a copy of transcripts showing the course was successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better.

Documentation of participation in professional learning events is not likely to be sufficient to demonstrate equivalence due to concerns regarding appropriate rigor and engagement. Certifications and course completion certificates from organizations that do not provide formal transcripts for their courses are more likely to effectively demonstrate equivalence.