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Small Group Instruction 101 (2022-2023 Autism Spectrum Disorder Tri-State Webinar Series)

Event Date and Time

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 -
2:30pm to 3:30pm


The Tri-State Webinar Series is made available through collaboration with the Colorado Department of EducationKansas TASN Autism and Tertiary Behavior Supports, and the Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders Network.

Anyone with an interest in learning about the characteristics of autism spectrum disorders and evidence-based practices is invited to attend any of our webinars. This may include administrators, general education teachers, specialist teachers, family members, paraprofessionals, special education professionals, healthcare, and related service providers.

Small Group Instruction 101

Presented by Sasha Long, BCBA, M.A.

In this webinar, Sasha Long, founder and president of The Autism Helper, will discuss why small group instruction is essential for meeting the diverse needs of learners. She will cover what considerations should be made when establishing small group instruction. Participants will also learn key strategies for scheduling group rotations, para training, and the necessary evidence based practices to utilize while running groups.


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