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Research and Data Requests


The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) reviews all requests for individual-level data or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that are made to conduct research. Potential researchers include any person who wishes to use individual-level or PII of any type of research.

Per Colorado's Student Data Transparency and Security Act (C.R.S. 22-16-101, CDE is required to put in place a procedure to review requests for Personally Identifiable Information being used for research purposes.  This process must be approved by the State Board of Education and CDE gained that approval on September 14, 2016.  Here is the presentation discussing that process (PDF)

CDE is working to develop the necessary policies and other documents to support this process and will provide them when they are available. 

Procedure for requesting individual-level data

  1. Complete the Personally Identifiable Information Request Form (DOC).
  2. Review the Research Data Sharing Agreement Template (DOC) to confirm that you are able to comply with our requirements.
  3. Submit the completed form with required attachments to
  4. CDE will review the request according to the process outlined in the above presentation.


  • CDE does not approve every request for PII that will be used for research purposes.  Because of this, do not apply for grants or make other commitments to use CDE data prior to getting approval through this process.
  • CDE can no longer provide student names for any research request.  

Aggregate and Suppressed Data Requests

For data requests involving school- or district-level aggregate data that has been properly redacted to avoid the identification of individual students, go to CDE Aggregate Data Requests.

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