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State Board Relations Office Overview

The State Board Office supports the seven elected state board members. The office:

  • Organizes all appellate proceedings and other legal proceedings before the State Board, including scheduling hearings and conferences, and  managing all motions, orders, and other correspondence for each case
  • Consults, advises, and coordinates Board proceedings with the Attorney General’s Office including orders and other documents
  • Responds to open-records requests and tracks litigation involving the State Board
  • Reviews disciplinary cases submitted to the State Board by the CDE and the Office of Administrative Courts
  • Drafts, reviews, and revises final orders
  • Schedules, arranges, and oversees all regular and special meetings of the State Board, including logistics, compliance with relevant laws regarding notice and recording, coordination of materials and presentations, and posting of agendas
  • Reviews all submissions from the CDE management
  • Represents the State Board in meetings with other agencies, education groups, non-profits, and constituents
  • Supports the State Board on strategic partnerships with educational entities
  • Supports the State Board in its work with the School Trusts Lands

Address: 201 E. Colfax Ave
Room Number(s): 506, 500

Unit Supervisor: Elizabeth (Bizy) Cordial
Administrative Lead:
Lead Email Address:
Lead Phone Number: (303) 866-6809

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Office Responsibilities

  • Manage monthly SBOE meetings: Rulemaking Hearings, Charter School Appeals, Confidential Disciplinary matters/legal files, Action items, reports from the department
  • Respond to open-records requests as well as open-meeting act requests-- if pertaining to SBE Office
  • Manage SBO: Budget, personnel, legal services, official records and hiring
  • Handle all travel arrangements for meetings, conferences, and conventions: hotel, flight, rental cars etc.
  • Handle all communications for SBE office
  • Represents SB in meetings with other agencies, education groups, non-profit, and constituents; support the SB on strategic partnerships with educational entities.
  • Supports the SB in its work with the School Trusts Lands

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