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Resources to Support Wellbeing and Connectedness

Wellbeing and Connectedness Banner Resources

Informational Resources

The external resources below are not endorsed by the Colorado Department of Education. They are included here to help district and school leaders identify and evaluate options for supporting student and staff wellbeing and connectedness.


Family Support

School and District Policy

Students Who are English Learners

Students Who are Gifted and Talented or Twice-Exceptional

Students with Disabilities


Financial Resources

CDE Contacts

CDE staff provide resources, tools, and training on a variety of wellbeing and connectedness topics. Information is accessible in several ways including on the CDE website, during telephone/video office hours, and through email/phone conversations.

  • Information can be reached by calling or e-mailing:

  • Provides links to mental health resources, information about restorative practices, guidance on universal screening for mental/behavioral needs, instructional and curriculum support for health education, and other resources relevant to wellbeing.

  • Sits within the Accountability and Continuous Improvement Office at CDE and suggests ways that schools can connect with families.