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Toolkit Overview

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Unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic

Never before has the education system needed to address what U.S. educators are facing now. Districts and school leaders must consider the immediate and ongoing health needs of students and staff as the world begins to recover from a global pandemic. At the same time, leaders must plan for and implement strategies to address the impacts of the lost instructional time on the learning and wellbeing of students. Even for districts that were able maintain in-person learning, adhering to health protocols and maintaining a learning environment often interrupted by quarantines has been a challenge.

Recovering from learning opportunity loss

"Recovery" from learning opportunity loss caused by the pandemic will not be a quick fix. It will take long-term planning and efforts beyond summer 2021 activities. And it is important to keep in mind that not all students went into the pandemic at grade level. As school and district leaders work to address the impact of the pandemic on learning and wellbeing of students and staff, a variety of new and existing strategies may need to be considered for the near term and into the future. And for some students, the impacts of the pandemic will take months or years to address.

Educational leaders are in the challenging position of making sense of student learning data, family feedback and supporting staff and students, while making the best decisions about prioritizing limited resources and providing reassurance and direction for your staff, students and communities.

Working together to support students and families

Colorado education leaders have amazing creativity, innovation and passion for education. Working together, CDE is confident that we will continue to find new ways to serve our students and families in 2021-2022 and beyond. CDE extends our appreciation for all that Colorado’s school and district leaders have already done to support students and families during the pandemic and all of the work ahead to recover.