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Instructional Delivery and Assessment Models Best Practices

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The resources in this section highlight practices for delivering high quality instruction and intervention.

Colorado Assessment Literacy Program

Assessment is foundational to instructional design and delivery. CDE’s assessment literacy program helps educators design, implement and use a variety of assessments effectively to guide and support instruction, and make important programmatic and resource decisions that benefit all students. This resource provides online learning modules, customized workshops conducted by CDE staff, and extensive, vetted resources.

Collaboratively-Developed Standards-Based Performance Assessments

This resource provides collaboratively-developed standards-based performance assessments that students can use to demonstrate their readiness to graduate from high school. The CDE is working to provide tools, templates and examples that will be made available for each performance assessment approach, such as tasks, culminating events, and graduation defenses.

Evidence-based Training in Teaching Reading for K -3 Teachers

Teachers who understand the science of teaching reading can assess and provide instruction in reading to meet the needs of students. The K - 3 teacher training is tied to the Colorado READ Act. The anticipated impact is that teachers will begin to use scientifically and evidence-based practices when teaching reading which will then lead to more students reading at grade level by the end of 3rd grade.

High Impact Instruction in Diverse Learning Settings

This CDE-developed resource provides guides for each of the content areas addressed by the Colorado Academic Standards. These documents aim to inform educators about what instruction should ideally look like given a variety of instructional settings.

University of Florida Literacy Institute Virtual Teaching Resource Hub

This website provides online lessons, structures, and resources for students who are learning virtually. It includes behavior, managing attention and literacy support using the Science of Reading. These resources can be used within an actual classroom, as well as online. Directions for each of the lessons are included.

Kastner Literacy Collection: Decodables

Dr. Pam Kastner has developed a Wakelet that uses evidence-based resources to teach and use decodable texts with PK-5th grade students. Resources include explanations of best practices, free decodable resources, and videos of professionals involved with the Science of Reading explaining the research behind the use of decodables.