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COVID-19 Learning Impacts Toolkit

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Toolkit 1.0 Design

The Learning Impacts Toolkit is a starting point for responding to the impacts of the pandemic. The content of the Toolkit will evolve over time to respond to needs of school and district leaders. The Toolkit consists of these components:

Response Planning

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Guidance and Resources for District Comprehensive Response Planning

  • Assessing students' needs: Local data on academic, well-being, student engagement
  • Using data-based problem solving
  • Engaging parents and the community
  • Developing a comprehensive response plan including strategies, benchmarks, action steps, and progress monitoring

Expanded Learning Opportunities

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Resources, Policies, and Funding to Provide ELOs

  • Restructuring the school day (scheduling, core and intervention time)
  • Extended school day
  • Extended school year
  • Summer learning
  • Tutoring and community support
  • Community resources and partnerships

Instruction and Intervention

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Resources to Support Instruction and Intervention

  • Best practices for planning instruction and intervention
  • Resources for different instructional delivery models (online, blended, etc.)
  • Resources for special education
  • Resources for English Learners
  • Resources for secondary students (credit recovery, re-engagement)
  • Considerations for grading, advancement, and competency based systems

Wellbeing and Connectedness

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Resources to Support the Wellbeing and Connectedness of Students

  • Resources for student well-being
  • Resources for re-engaging students

Funding Sources and Policy Considerations

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Resources to Support Response Efforts

  • Funding sources to support response efforts
  • Policy decisions for response efforts

Latest Updates

CDE will continue to update the Learning Impacts Toolkit information with new resources throughout the 2021-22 school year based on feedback and input from school and district leaders.

Feedback Opportunities

CDE will host a number of opportunities to provide feedback and input on the Toolkit:

Learning Series Opportunity

Equity and Excellence Conference

The Equity & Excellence Learning Series, From Survive to Thrive: Addressing Learning Opportunity and Accelerating Recovery in Colorado, is a series designed to promote engagement with the Learning Impacts Toolkit through meaningful learning and conversation among school leaders and educators. Sessions are set to occur throughout spring/summer 2021.

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Equity and Excellence

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