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Embedded Sample Units with Extended Evidence Outcomes

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As an extension of the District Sample Curriculum Project, some selected units in Reading, Writing, and Communicating and Mathematics have been written to include Extended Evidence Outcomes. Special thanks to Linda Lamirande, Gina Quintana and Alison Montana from CDE's Exceptional Student Services Unit for their expertise in embedding the Extended Evidence Outcomes into these Colorado educator-authored units. Please refer to the listing below of all units available or visit the District Sample Curriculum Project page for more details


High School Unit Title: Transform the World (South Routt School District)

Instructional Unit (Word or PDF)     Unit Storyboard

Instructional Unit with Embedded Extended Evidence Outcomes  (Word or PDF)   Unit Storyboard

Unit Description: This unit investigates transformations, congruence, and proof. Students begin with informal explorations of rigid transformations.   Students then use precise mathematical definitions of rotations, translations and reflections to determine if each of these rigid transformations is a function. The transformation work of this unit leads students to develop formal proofs about congruency, parallel lines, triangle relationships, and parallelograms. 

Grade 7 Unit Title: Data Daze (Burlington School District)

Instructional Unit (Word or PDF)     Unit Storyboard

Instructional Unit with Embedded Extended Evidence Outcomes  (Word or PDF)   Unit Storyboard

Unit Description: Data Daze takes students on a journey into random sampling. Students learn to make inferences about a population based on sample data.  Students are also introduced to the idea of variation through the mean absolute deviation.  This is the first unit in which students explore the connections between samples and populations. These ideas will be extended at the high school level and linked to the concept of standard deviation. 


Reading, Writing and Communicating

9th Grade Unit Title: Uncovering Context (Lake County School District)

Instructional Unit (Word or PDF)     Unit Storyboard

          Instructional Unit with Embedded Extended Evidence Outcomes  (Word or PDF)   Unit Storyboard

Unit Description: In this 4-6 week unit, students will read an extended anchor text (e.g. To Kill a Mockingbird) exploring various themes:  race, gender, age, etc.  As they progress through the unit, students will read a variety of texts on the issues raised.  The nonfiction / informational texts range from news reports, research, and infographics to opinion pieces, murals and art work, poems, and short stories.  Students will analyze this rich variety of texts so they can understand that writers use different modes, genres, and techniques to express their perspectives on given issues.  Class discussions will allow students to explore how different contexts impact our perspectives and how we write about issues or themes in the world around us.  The unit will culminate with students writing a multi-genre text expressing their own perspective on an issue of inequity relevant to them..  (This unit is also effective scaffolding for the unit that follows in which students will present an argument on justice.) 

4th Grade Unit Title: In My Opinion (Mapleton School District)

Instructional Unit (Word or PDF)     Unit Storyboard

Instructional Unit with Embedded Extended Evidence Outcomes  (Word or PDF)   Unit Storyboard

Unit Description: This 4-6 week unit explores the personal and collective values that shape perspectives and opinions on relevant topics.  Students will examine appeals to values in a variety of persuasive texts and analyze the language, strategies, and structures of these texts.  After researching a topic of their choice, students will produce and present an opinion piece that appeals to -- or perhaps even challenges -- their audience’s values.  The unit culminates with students writing an opinion piece conveying their opinion and values.


1st Grade Unit Title: Transformations Around Me (Plainview School District)

Instructional Unit (Word or PDF)     Unit Storyboard

Instructional Unit with Embedded Extended Evidence Outcomes  (Word or PDF)  Unit Storyboard 

Unit Description: This unit centers around the attributes of physical communities and the adaptations that people make in order to be successful in particular environments. During the 6-8 weeks of the unit, students will examine their own physical community. They will respond to text and images and construct short written pieces for different purposes/audiences (including letters to pen pals, newspaper “articles,” etc.) documenting changes that occur and adaptations people make across seasons. The learning experiences build to a performance assessment that asks students to write (and create videos) about an adaptation, in the form of a favorite activity, they make in a particular season.