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Restraint Complaints Process - Text Version

Step 1

Receipt of complaint by the Colorado Department of Education's State Complaints Office (SCO)

Step 2

Route the complaint to the appropriate office:

  • If IDEA-related, complaint remains with the SCO for processing by the: Dispute Resolution Office, Exceptional Student Services Unit
  • If not IDEA-related, within 5 calendar days of the complaint's receipt, the SCO refers it to: Restraint Complaint Office, Dropout Prevention and Student Re-engagement Office

Step 3

Accept or reject the complaint:

  • Within 10 calendar days of the receipt of the complaint, which could include a postmark of mailed notices on the 10th day, the CDE investigating office decides to accept or reject the complaint. If accepted, the office will: 1) notify the complainant, and 2) notify the involved Public Education Agency (PEA) about the allegation together with a complete copy of the complaint, and 3) initiate an investigation.

Step 4

PEA may file a response to CDE office:

  • Within 15 calendar days of the Public Education Agency's receipt of CDE's notification of the complaint, the Public Education Agency may file with the investigating CDE office a response to the complaint allegations and may provide additional information which it deems necessary and useful to CDE's investigation. The agency shall provide a copy of the response to the complainant.

Step 5

Complainant may file a response to PEA:

  • Within 10 calendar days of the delivery of the Public Education Agency's response, the complainant may file a written reply to the Public Education Agency's response in support of his/her position. The complainant must also provide a complete copy of the reply, to the Public Education Agency.

Timeline extensions:

If the CDE investigating office finds exceptional circumstances warrant doing so, and prior to the expiration of the specified deadlines, it may extend the above stated timelines.

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