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Drop-In Articles

Drop-in articles increase the level of district-level communications and save leadership time. Drop-in articles are:

  • Pre-written electronic updates on key topics
  • Able to be used as content for newsletters, websites, presentations, etc.
  • As easy as copying, pasting and inserting the superintendent’s/principal's name
  • Available in two formats – one for a principal/teacher audience and one for a community/parent audience

Drop-in articles are like giving superintendents and principals their own PR agency as a ghost writer. The updates on key initiatives are already written saving time and ensuring districts/schools are communicating the most recent, accurate and relevant information.

Principal/Teacher Audience
This drop-in article is ready for principals to share with staff regarding important updates on standards and assessments. To use this resource, download the pre-written article below, copy the text into your e-mail, customize with your name and a personal message and send! You can also use this content for your website, in a newsletter or as part of a presentation. The drop-in articles contain updates on many areas so if your district doesn't need a detailed update on one particular area, feel free to shorten or delete content.

This drop-in article is ready for principals or superintendents to share with their staff about the student score reports.

Parent/Community Audience
This drop-in article is ready for principals to use in parent and community communications (newsletters, web, etc.) as a way of keeping these audiences informed on the important work being done.

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