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News Release - State board directs Aurora Public Schools to renew agreement with HOPE Online

July 7, 2016

State board directs Aurora Public Schools to renew agreement with HOPE Online  

The State Board of Education held a special meeting today.  Highlights include:
State board directs Aurora Public Schools Board to renew agreement with HOPE Online

The State Board of Education voted unanimously to reverse the decision by the Aurora Public Schools (APS) Board of Education to reject a renewed memorandum of understanding with HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-op.  The state board directed the Aurora board to renew its agreement with HOPE Online within 30 days. 

HOPE Online is an online charter school that serves students in multiple school districts. Students enrolled in HOPE Online access online curriculum while attending a learning center under the supervision of a teacher or mentor.

After receiving much feedback from parents and students at HOPE Online, the state board found that the APS Board’s decision to reject the agreement with HOPE Online was contrary to the best interests of pupils, parents, school district and the community.  

Contingency Reserve Funds approved for South Routt School District

The state board approved CDE staff’s recommendation to provide in $1 million in contingency reserve funds to South Routt School District. The district is facing an unanticipated revenue shortfall due to the bankruptcy and nonpayment of property taxes by Peabody Energy Holdings.  State law grants the State Board of Education the authority to make supplemental payments from the Contingency Reserve Funds to school districts facing financial difficulties.

The state board also approved the following:

  • Emergency rules for the annual inspection and preventative maintenance of school transportation vehicles.
  • Emergency rules for the operation of school transportation vehicles.