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Transition Leadership Institute Handouts (2017)

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Transition Leadership Institute - Summer 2017


Day 1 – June 8, 2017

Keynote Speaker – Improving Graduation Rates for Students with Disabilities
Loujeania Bost Baker


Breakout Sessions –

Transition 101: The Letter vs The Spirit of the Law
Gloria Durosko / Gail Lott

Aligning Transition Practices for College and Career Readiness
Mary Morningstar

Self Determination:  Knowledge Skills, and Implementation
Lori Peterson / Laura Marshall

  • No PowerPoint or Handout

Connecting the Dots:  Creating a Purposeful and Well-Threaded IEP from Start to Finish
Heather Abraham / Kelly Gordon

Understanding WIOA and the Impacts on Students with Disabilities
Katie Oliver / Cheryl Carver

Creating Effective Transition Services for Students with Significant Support Needs
Dixie Periman / Kara Halley

TAPS – Program Improvement and Getting to Results
June Gothberg


The Three Cs of Secondary Transition:  Coordinated, Collaborative, Culturally Responsive
Fran Herbert

An Overview of Workforce Programs in Colorado Department of Education
Rob Hanni


Incorporating Evidence –Based Practices to Improve Outcomes:  Going Beyond Compliance to Quality
Mary Morningstar

Teaching Students to Accomplish Goals for Successful Outcomes
Lori Peterson / Laura Marshall

  • No PowerPoint or Handout

Embedding Transition Skills into Academic Instruction:  Implementation of Secondary Academic Evidence-Based Practices
Dawn Rowe

Effective Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities
Gene Bamesberger


Project SEARCH in 3 Colorado School Districts:  It Works!


Jim Panzer / Samantha Kinzig / Sylvia Panzer / Emilie Ring



Day 2 – June 9, 2017

Keynote Speaker – MTSS/Transition Framework Including College and Career Readiness
Mary Morningstar


Breakout Sessions

Dropout Prevention in Middle and High Schools:  From Research to Practice
Loujeania Bost Baker

Training Grounds Coffee Partnership
Lynn Fisher

  • No PowerPoint or Handout

Family-School-Community Partnering for Student Learning
Darcy Hutchins

  • No PowerPoint or Handout

Indicator 14:  Analyzing and Putting your Post-Secondary Outcome Data to Work
Jocelyn Walters / Miki Imura / Dawn Rowe

Strategy for Partnering with DVR Locally
Cheryl Carver / Serina Gilbert / Tammy Wright / Kelly Tucker

How do You Connect to Career & Tech Education (CTE) and Work Based Learning (WBL)?
Lauren Jones Austin

College and Career Readiness in the Birth to Adult Continuum
June Gothberg

Improving College and Career Readiness for all Students with Disabilities
Cathi Allen / Adrianne Hipsher

Understanding How Federal Regulations are Impacting Supported Employment
Adam Tucker / Patricia Henke

  • No PowerPoint or Handout

Person Centered Practices:  Achieving Self-Determination and Positive Outcomes for Youth
Beth Schaffner

  • No PowerPoint or Handout

Incorporating Functional Capacities in IEP Writing
Cheryl Carver / Katie Oliver


Let’s Talk About Graduation Guidelines
Lauren Jones Austin / Robin Russel

Triangulating Annual Goals for Transition Focused IEPs
JonPaul Burden / Lori Peterson

Inclusive Higher Education Has Arrived in Colorado!
Christi Kasa / Jennifer Dena

  • No PowerPoint or Handout

Partnering with Independent Living Centers to Expand Transition Services
Scott Kupferman

Transition Age Youth and the Changing Landscape of Adult Services
Adam Tucker

  • No PowerPoint or Handout

How Migrant Education Promotes Equity and Access
Noemi Aguilar

Understanding the Impact of Trauma and Informed Decision Making
Julia Wigert

Leveraging Career Pathways Tools in Meaningful Career Conversations
Thomas Hartman

  • No PowerPoint or Handout

Improve Your ICAP Processes by Developing Meaningful Career Conversationalist (MCC)
Lauren Jones Austin

Inclusive Higher Education at the University of Colorado
Stephanie Hernon

  • No PowerPoint or Handout




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