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Induction Program Evaluation and Renewal

Renewing Current Programs

CDE approved induction programs for teachers, specialized service professionals (SSP), principals, and administrators must be evaluated and renewed every five years.  All district and BOCES operated induction programs were required to submit for renewal in 2018.  Charter school operated programs were required to submit for renewal in 2019 and non-public schools in 2020.  Districts, BOCES, or charter schools interested in developing new programs should view the Induction Program Initial Application Checklist.  This submission process involves CDE ensuring that existing programs are compliant with what is required under the Colorado Educator Licensing Act.

Any district, BOCES, or school that is overdue for renewal will have the opportunity to renew the approval of their program in the 2021 application window.  That application window will be open from February 1, 2021 through March 31, 2021. A link to the application will be posted here when it is available.


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FAQ's related to the impact of COVID-19 on induction programs are now available here.

About the Submission Process

How to Submit

The 2021 submission window will be open from February 1 through March 31.  Induction providers may submit at any time during this window.  Follow the links below to access the appropriate application.

2021 Teacher/SSP Induction Program Renewal Application 

2021 Principal/Administrator Induction Program Renewal Application 

Once in the form, you will be asked to identify the organization for whom you are submitting, provide your contact information, your self-ratings, a brief overview of your program, and upload a copy of your completed Program Evaluation Rubric, e-sign the form, and check a box agreeing to ongoing engagement requirements.  The completed rubric is the only document that will be reviewed to determine if the program meets requirements for renewal.  No additional artifacts will be accepted.  Therefore, it is important that the responses you include in the Program Evaluation Rubric provide a clear picture of the relevant program components.

Download the Teacher/SSP Induction Self-Evaluation Rubric here.

Download the Principal/Admininstrator Induction Self-Evaluation Rubric here.

Receiving Feedback and Approval

CDE will aim to review submitted rubrics and provide feedback as quickly as possible.  Feedback will be a result of a team of reviewers from CDE and the field with relevant expertise.  Review teams will assign a rating of ‘exceeds expectations’, ‘meets expectations’, ‘needs improvement’, or ‘more information required’ to each indicator.  A rating of ‘needs improvement’ will be accompanied by a description of improvements that must be made to the program within a specified period of time.  Programs may receive approval with ratings of ‘needs improvement’ on one or more indicators.  CDE will follow up with the program during or after the specified period of time to ensure the improvements are made.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Where can I find the rubrics?

Answer:  The Teacher/SSP rubric is available here and the Principal/Admin rubric is available here.

Question:  My district provides induction for teachers and SSP’s but our new principals go through an induction program provided by a BOCES.  Which online form do I submit?

Answer:  Providers should only submit the form for programs they actively operate.  In this instance, the district would submit the Teacher/SSP form and the BOCES would submit the Principal/Admin form.

Question:  Our induction supports look different for teachers and SSP’s but there is only one rubric for these two programs.  How do I reflect these differences in my submission?

Answer:  The single rubric is due to the requirements for teacher and SSP induction programs residing in the same sections of statute and rule.  While the requirements are the same, the specific delivery will of course look different in implementation.  Note these differences in the rubric by separating descriptions into unique paragraphs that describe the unique supports provided to teachers and SSPs.  In some cases, it may be necessary to also differentiate supports among types of SSP’s.

Question:  Do I need to submit my entire professional development calendar for the year?

Answer:  No.  The completed rubrics are the only document uploads that will be accepted.  Professional development plans should be described with sufficient detail to capture the topics, frequency, and methods of delivery but do not need to include such specific details as dates and locations.

Question:  We provide induction to teachers but not SSPs.  Which rubric do we submit?

Answer:  You will still submit the Teacher/SSP Program Evaluation Rubric.  The requirements for these two programs are grouped together in statute, which is why they are combined into a single rubric.  If SSPs in your district participate in induction through a BOCES, note this in the Teacher/SSP rubric.

Question:  Will our program be rejected if one of the indicators is not in place?

Answer:  No.  CDE understands the need for support in some of these indicators.  It is important that providers are candid about areas needing improvement in the completed rubric.  CDE will use this information to plan for future trainings, resources, and other supports.

Question:  What is the minimum number of points for a program to be approved?

Answer:  CDE will not use a scoring system for review and approval of programs.  The compliance rating element of the rubric is a tool that is intended to be used for self-reflection.  Use this tool to identify areas to target for improvement over time and note these plans in the justification column.  Completed rubrics will be reviewed holistically and CDE will provide constructive feedback for use in local planning discussions.