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School District Name Codes

This is the list of letter codes appearing in Colorado school district names.

Re, RE, R – Reorganized

RD – Reorganized/Deconsolidated

C – Consolidated

J, Jt, (J) – Joint, crosses county lines

RJ, REJ, Jt-R – Reorganized Joint

If there is no letter, it means the district was never reorganized or consolidated with other districts. School districts in El Paso and Weld counties are good examples.

Some district names were a combination of the consolidating districts, i.e. Woodlin School District.

Some school district numbers were a combination of the consolidating districts.

More history:

1935 Study by College of Business, CU – There were over 2000 school districts. The need to reorganize was recognized. Districts were elementary, secondary, or union school districts.

1949 – 1st reorganization bill HB900 – Permissive consolidation, the “C” designation was applied.

1953 Major reorganization act – The “R” label was applied.

1959 – created a county process establishing a committee that had to develop a reorganization plan and then each district got to vote on whether or not to accept it – and if consolidated, an “Re” label was applied.