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FY17 Trainings and Events

The Support and Training Archive contains events to assist program leaders and instructors in all program activities.  Opportunities are categorized as either Grant Management or Instruction.  The category may often pertain to different people within a local program. Strands within each category will be offered throughout the year based first upon necessity and then other considerations. Information about upcoming events and recordings of FY17 webinars are continually updated.


Grant Management

Supportive activities in this category include requirements of federal and state grants, operations and program processes will be defined in relation to one of the following groups:

  1. Technical: data, data systems, policies and assurances, reporting, grant writing
  2. Partnerships: aligning services with workforce, community college, vocational rehabilitation and others to ensure program participants have access to all career pathway components
  3. Operations: processes such as volunteer training, special learning needs, assessment, distance learning, curriculum adoption, equitable access


This category includes opportunities that increase awareness, capacity building and sustaining evidence-based promising instructional practices that facilitate student success on career pathways:

  1. Academic: Universal Design for learning/strategies to meet all learning needs and equity considerations, as well as standards-based instruction that includes critical thinking practices, reading, writing, speaking and listening, mathematics, and English Language Acquisition.
  2. Employability: skills that include digital literacy, soft skills, teamwork, career exploration and focus on job retention and college success skills.
  3. Workforce Training: contextualized and sector-based, On the Job Training, incumbent worker, apprenticeship, co-enrollment, other- should align with partnerships and be offered in tandem or be transition activities to specific career goals.

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