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2020 CDE Orientation and Mobility Seminar - Cancelled

Event Date and Time

Friday, April 24, 2020 (All day) to Saturday, April 25, 2020 (All day)


* This training has been cancelled due to COVID-19. *

Friday, April 24th

Speaker: Mickey Damelio

Mickey Damelio is an internationally recognized leader in the field of visual impairment. He has worked with people with visual impairment at every stage and level of ability from newborns to elders. He is now working with blind adults living with artificial vision technology, and created the curriculum and teaching techniques used for people living with this ground breaking technology provided by Second Sight Medical Products, where he is the Director of Artificial Vision Patient Advocacy and Rehabilitation.


How the O&M Specialist Can Provide Much More than Human Guide Instruction for Students with Visual Impairment and Additional Disabilities


Participants will:

  • Understand health and complicating conditions that O&M Specialists are most likely to encounter working with children with visual impairment and additional disabilities
  • Identify multiple instructional techniques to navigate through a challenging teaching scenario
  • Understand theory and design of common adaptive mobility devices, and the appropriate time for their implementation in a learner’s education
  • Understand strategies for successful teaming and meaningful participation in the IEP process

Saturday, April 25th

Speaker: Dr. Penny Rosenblum

Dr. Penny Rosenblum, owner of Vision for Independence, LLC, is the new Director of Research with the American Foundation for the Blind. For 22 years she was a career track faculty member in the Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies at the University of Arizona. From 1999 to 2016 she prepared teachers to work with children with visual impairments (TVIs). During that time, she coordinated teacher preparation programs in Arizona and Nevada.

As a person with low vision, Dr. Rosenblum is able to share first-hand information with professionals and families about the impact of a visual impairment on the lives of children and adults. Dr. Rosenblum has been a teacher of children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities in Pennsylvania (2 years), South Carolina (3 years), and Arizona (3 years).


Finding Wheels: A Curriculum for Non-drivers with Visual Impairments for Gaining Control of Transportation Needs


Participants will:

  • Describe the components of the new Finding Wheels book.
  • List three considerations for travelers for each of these topics:
    1. safety,
    2. rideshare services,
    3. low vision driving,
    4. bicycling with low vision, and
    5. working with drivers.
  • Explain how they can use Finding Wheels with teens and adults in their 20s with whom they work.

Other Training Information


* This training has been cancelled due to COVID-19. *


There are no costs for this training, except for a tuition fee for those who want to take the course for one university credit through University of Norther Colorado (UNC). It is expected that this cost will be $65.


Participants are welcome / encouraged to bring their own beverages, lunch, and snacks. There will be an hour break for those who want to go out to a nearby restaurant.


We have limited funds for travel support for approved school/district based participants coming from distances of over 60 miles one way. The registration form will provide an opportunity to request travel reimbursement based on these criteria.
If you are coming from a distance where you require / want to stay in a hotel near the conference center, please be proactive with making your hotel reservation. You will do this, however, with the current guarantee of lodging reimbursement.

Details of the hotel where room block has been reserved are as follow:

Hampton Inn and Suites Denver Tech Center - Room Reservation
5001 South Ulster Street, Denver 80237
Reservations must be made on or before April 9, 2020



Greenwood Village


Contact Information

Tanni Anthony
Phone: 303-866-6681